Temporary Placement

Strictly short-term assignments, either part time or full time. Temporary positions provide variety, flexibility, and frequent change.

Temporary to Hire

Employees work as a Hirelogic associate for an agreed-upon trial period (usually 90 days), after which our client has the OPTION to make a direct offer to the associate. This allows for more flexibility than a direct placement.



Can be short-term or long-term assignments, and these positions are normally available in professional and office settings. Contracted employees are Hirelogic Associates. These positions also have the option for direct hire. 

Contract to Hire

Similar to both "temp to hire" and "contract" positions, the difference being in the industry of the work. 


Direct Placement

Hirelogic recruits a candidate to work for a client directly. Direct placement positions are for long-term, committed professionals. 

Looking to Hire, or Looking for Work?

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